OTT Tax Ends Today

Ugandans will, starting Thursday, July 1, 2021, stop paying the daily social media tax of Shs 200. The tax on so-called Over-the-Top (OTT) services required...

uTorrent Download Speed So Slow (uTorrent Web).

apparently I was a leacher! (someone who downloads but sets the upload speed to unreasonable speed so that others don’t waste his data). Well, uTorrent Web was not having any of that, they stalled my speed until I changed back the upload speed to (0, Unlimited). The speeds immediately jumped back to normal. Now you know. All you have to do is to set your upload limit speed to (0, unlimited).

Ugandan Musicians In War With Promoters

it is alleged that the promoters have been receiving money from government in secret. They also aren't happy about UgaTunes; the new way for...

Full Figure Says She Knows English But Deliberately Speaks The Broken Kind

Full Figure says she doesn't want to speak English because she doesn't really want to spread it.She also admits to speaking broken English just...

Tanzania President Magufuli Dead Official Announcement Video

John Pombe Magufuli has died at 61. The news of his passing has broken moments ago. He was undertaking treatment in a Dar Es...

Dr. T Make Writes To Bobi Wine

Ebbaluwa Ya Bobi Wine ( Kiyita Mulugya)Okuva Ewa DR T.AmaleNsazeewo okuwandiika Mu Luganda Abawagizi bo basobole nabo okugoberera. Lwaki Dr T Amale Alumba Bobi Wine?Dr...
crime scene do not cross signage

VIDEO: Ugandan Woman Beats Her Child To Near Death!

In a viral video, A Ugandan woman is seen disciplining her child in a very grotesque way. She is seen caning, tramping on the...

Dr. Ruth Aceng Appears To Fake Covid-19 Vaccination!

In a viral video courtesy of NBS, Dr. Ruth Aceng -Minister of Health, Uganda appears to fake a Covid-19 vaccination. In the video, a...

DUA Lipa – We’re Good – Behind The Scenes

Coming as the most added song at Pop radio last week, the Sly-produced cut ascended to #16 on this week’s Pop radio charts thanks to a whopping...

Makerere University to Open TV/Radio Station

Makerere University has requested the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) to help restore its now defunct campus radio station and also help them set up...