Bajjo and Full Figure’s relationship rocked the netizens yesterday when Bajjo reportedly put a ring on it on another woman.

Bajjo with another woman

Fans in denial were quick to point out that something was off. The couple looked it “they weren’t happy” in said photos of introduction.

Well, to add more salt to the wound, full figure posted a passive aggressive note claiming that kasita she’s the one who’s beautiful with akazigo (toothgap).

Well that was confirmation enough that she was indeed dumped.

Good news came for Figure fans when today afternoon, the singer and Presidential advisor posted that Bajjo came back to her this morning and even bought baby clothes for their unborn child.

‘He came to check on me very early in the morning ela agambye he will be there for me abogezi tebakusuza kayanzi ko. Aguze nobugoye bwo mwana Kati mufune kubyokola,” Full Figure posted

There you have it, the KampalaWiFi detectives think this was a power move that was staged.

Watch this space to see how it all escalates.