Bajjo who has been Full Figure’s man according to sources, has put a ring on it in what looked like a secret introduction ceremony. Fans in denial say that something about their poses doesn’t look right.

We don’t know what happened but damn Full Figure can’t seem to catch a break.

This comes just hours before Big Eye made a public outcry for Full Figure to let him go.

Full Figure might be notoriously known for “okwesiba ku bantu” translated as “ass kissing” everyone famous for her benefit.

Shit is guaranteed to go down between these two or it could be one sided because Full Figure don’t play.

See the kwanjula event which looks like it’s staged for God’s sake.

Wama tekibuzeemu? This don’t look like people in love?🤣 Although there’s another photo of Bajjo getting on the knee with a ring so we are waiting for official confirmation from both players, if you will.

Watch this space for more gossip on this.