Eddy Kenzo poured out his heart in a message he posted on his handles. He encouraged fans to share with each other and be thankful for the little they have. His message speaks about how Miss Covid-19 changed out world this year.

We were all left touched by his message and we can learn from it:

“No matter how difficult or bad things might feel right now, there is always something to be thankful for. There is always something we can appreciate.

And think of those that may not have as much and do what you can in your life to help someone. Think about also those that may not be with us any longer. Never let the difficulties make you forget about the good still with you.

This year changed our world a lot. With COVID, there were people that passed away from it as well as people that have recovered. Health is a great blessing. Other problems we saw were people losing their jobs, some unable to receive adequate food, and some unable to pay rent. Even when COVID is gone, some will still struggle. Focus on the good that you still have with you, help someone else if you can, and have faith things will get better.

Stay safe and appreciate your blessings,” Posted Kenzo.