Pressed people might call it fronting but Eddy Kenzo is showing YOU his accolades on display while sitting and chilling. (Semyekozo Eyakolamu as in Slay King), If you will, but some pressed individuals took to the comment section to bully and blame Kenzo into submission for posting his accolades instead of “posting about important matters” esp. one about Bobi Wine. Well Kenzo trashed that comment as “nonsense” and Kenzo’s fans came to his defense pretty quick.

Shortly after Kenzo posting his awards, a Facebook user, Icon G Wrote in reply: Every day Police is killing the people that votes you to Win those awards but you can’t say anything about it!!!!! be a man & accept that People Power Is Your power !!!In fact a special Kumanyoko to you!!!!!!!

What’s funny is ‘Nonsense’ is typed in LUGANDA but you best believe THE point was clear.

KampalaWiFi Original, Our Stance

Well the word Komanyoko is an insult in Uganda (transliterated as “Yo Mama” or the dirty Swahili word, yo mama’s A**) so Eddy Kenzo was not having no disrespect on his own platform which he answered back in the most degrading way possible in Uganda. He clapped back with “nonsense” and typed it even in Luganda “Nosense“.

As part of our KampalaWiFi Originals, we chime in and state our stance and thoughts on the issues like this one:

Mmm… What have you done for YOU lately, Icon G? We will need to remind Icon G and haters that showing off accolades IS NOT RUDE. If you don’t believe us, check out people’s sitting rooms when you visit. You’ll quickly notice that portraits esp. graduation photos are hanged on the wall, why do you think that is?

Well duh, achievements must be posted on the wall to [brag, if you will] remind everyone of hard work and the rewards of it. When People Power win the vote in their “power”, their hard work is posted too, for example, Bobi’s house is gotta have a portrait(s) of him in office or the swearing in ceremony as Kyadondo East Member of Parliament, or recently, the day he was nominated as a Presidential Candidate… and if he doesn’t care for these, the photos will always be used in history as a mark or an achievement for the NUP party.

More Proof That Accolodates Should Be Shown Off

Also check out Beyoncé showing off her Grammys in the ‘Why Don’t You Love Me, Video then you will know that Kenzo was not the first to do it:

Beyoncé throwing shade: bragging about her Grammys

We won’t even bother researching about other musicians who have posted about their accolades.

Please never undermine the power of a certificate (because its key to employment), an accolade because it’s one of the things that paves a way for a job; Kenzo stays booked partly because of his accolades. American celebrities are announced on stage after their accolades. For example, David Letterman would introduce a singer on his show in this manner… “Grammy nominated or Grammy Winner or Two time Grammy winner, Six time Grammy Winner [Insert Name]… or whatever accolade the musician has to their name.

Back to Kenzo, the post came in time when Eddy Kenzo, alongside Masaka Kids Africana, will perform at the AFRIMA awards come tomorrow November 15 live on YouTube. Kenzo has been nominated again.

Kenzo has won so many awards to his name, the most popular one being The BET Int’l Viewers’ Choice Award 2015 and those Afrima Awards from all over the years to mention but a few. I’ll just paste you his Awards and Nominations Wiki List:

2′011Pearl of Africa Music AwardsBest New ArtistEddy KenzoWon[8]
2014Africa Muzik Magazine AwardsBest NewcomerEddy KenzoNominated[54]
2014Channel O Music Video AwardsMost Gifted (East Africa)Eddy Kenzo for “Sitya Loss”Nominated[55]
2015Black Canadian AwardsBest International ActEddy KenzoNominated[56]
Afroca Music AwardsBest Revelation AwardEddy KenzoNominated[56]
2015BET AwardsViewer’s Choice Best New International ArtistEddy KenzoWon[20]
2015HiPipo Music AwardsBest Use of Social MediaEddy KenzoWon[57]
2016MTV Africa Music AwardsBest Live ActEddy KenzoNominated[58]
2016All Africa Music AwardsBest African CollaborationEddy Kenzo and Niniola for “Mbilo Mbilo (remix)”Won[31]
2017Zanzibar International Film FestivalBest East African Music Video AwardMusic video for “Jubilation”Won[36]
TUMA Music AwardsArtist of the YearEddy KenzoWon[35]
Best Male ArtistEddy KenzoWon[35]
All Africa Music AwardsBest East African Male ArtistEddy KenzoWon[37]
Song of the Year“Shauri Yako”Won[37]
2018Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice AwardsFavorite African StarEddy KenzoWon[59]
International Reggae and World Music AwardsBest African EntertainerEddy KenzoWon[59]
Africa Muzik Magazine AwardsEast African Artist of the YearEddy KenzoWon[6
Kenzo Awards and Nominations

Congratulations to Eddy Kenzo and good luck on the future nominations. Bring all the Awards home especially that Grammy (that you dream of). Bajjakukiriza! (please believe).