GNL Zamba, The Spear Album Cover

GNL Zamba’s, The Spears Album dropped yesterday November 11th.

Now GNL Zamba aka (Ernest Nsimbi) took to social media to warn those who don’t take copyright infringement as serious will be hearing from his lawyers.

This is a strong WARNING to all websites prepared to upload my album without my permission, I will sue and I will get compensated for damages. #TheSpearAlbum
November 11th 11:11 

GNL Zamba, The Exuberant Rapper boggolaad! Stand warned y’all.

GNL said this moments after the official album release. He went on to encourage the fans to stream the album from online music stores.

A taste of Lugaflow kissing Afro punk, Zamba explained that the album is about “our rich history and our ancestors… for the present so we can reconnect to our true spiritual calling and it is the shape of spaceship as we project ourselves to the future.”

Lugaflow is going Afropunk, Afrofuturist with the Revolutionary mind of a #blackpanther !!!”

GNL Zamba

Zamba who’s currently in Uganda has appeared everywhere promoting the album. This is how to get the album in Uganda: