In Lumpe Please news, a Housing Finance Banker, Kituuka Ivan, a Senior Manager, Branch Performance and Customer Experience at Housing Finance Bank, was gunned down by several people in a room.

In a viral video taking rounds on WhatsApp, we watch as Ivan is begging for forgiveness in vain. [Warning: We actually think the video is doctored or fake at best – because non of the people spoke any language that we know of] but there might be some truths to the events. In unconfirmed reports, it appears that Mr. Sozzi wanted for the bank to summon Mr. Kituuka Ivan on the allegation of Ivan cheating with Sozzi’s wife who’s most likely an employee of Housing Finance too.

With videos and images circulating WhatsApp, a one Mr. Sozzi is accusing Mr. Kituuka Ivan for “cheating with Sozzi’s wife”. Despite the many warnings he sent him, Mr. Kituuka Ivan still continued to get some “good good”.

Apparently, these two have been having getaways in the name of business trips paid for by the bank. Mr. Sozzi addressed a letter to Mr. Kituuka Ivan detailing his complaint and some of it looked like he wanted the Bank to help him summon Kituka or else he would gun him down. We are not sure if Housing Finance responded to his complaint.

In a shocking video taking rounds on WhatsApp, we witness Mr. Kituuka Ivan being shot several times to death. This is after we saw another shocking video where Mr. Kituuka and Sozzi’s wife were secretely recorded while the two were “getting some good good”.

Take a look below at the documents circulating the net.

Naye Abassajja, Kiki temwesonyiwa bwenzi? More to come. Watch this space