To download YouTube or any other videos audios or videos, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Find a download platform if you don’t already have it.

In this age, almost everyone knows of a downloading platform so I’ll share with you the best of them all.
Download and Install TubeMate the android app at ( Please note that TubeMate was banned by Google Play Store because of the obvious issues that arise with download platforms like copyrighted content, illegal downloads etc. Many platforms have shut down due to such issues. Therefore, TubeMate MUST be used for ONLY private purposes and not any other purpose like distribution. OK?).

Now that you’re aware of the consequences, I’ll be illustrating using the android version.

Step 2: Navigate to

#Type or paste in the link if you have the video link and hit enter. However, It’s better to navigate to the left section and chose the website instead [most popular websites are listed]

#Select YouTube from the dropdown list in the app and type “Your Channel User Name” in our case we are gonna use “Agathering144” and hit enter.
#Select the “channel” navigate to the “Videos” tab. This way you can
#Go to the ‘Videos’ Tab and chose any video according to filter.

Step 3: Select the YouTube video.

Click on the video you want to download the video or audio of it – most videos have an option for ‘audio’ download. For instance, we are gonna be downloading Audio only from these GOCC Bible Teachings. After clicking Audio, give it some seconds to buffer and stream a little (Things might freeze if your phone is using less RAM so it’s better to be patient).

Step 4: Click the download icon

After clicking the download icon, the video/Audio will process – otherwise known as ‘parsing’ and then a list of file options will be populated.

Step 5: Choose Video or Audio

After parsing at 100%, select the right video file you want (Video or the .m4a file – for HQ audio) or you can download both the audio and Video.

Step 6: Wait for the download to complete.

It’s very important to make sure your phone doesn’t go into sleep mode. This might interrupt the download. Better yet, change the display period to 30 minutes so that you wouldn’t keep tapping the screen in order to prevent it from going into sleep mode. Don’t leave the download screen, it might fail to complete the download if the phone has less Ram.

Step 7: Merging and File processing.

Video downloads won’t require additional processing. They’re immediately ready to be watched after ‘merging’. On the other hand, audio files might need an extra encoding after merging. In the first time of use, the app will redirect you to a download option for an mp3 converter (Video MP3 Converter) that comes with TubeMate. Please install it for encoding purposes. Often times after downloading, an MP3 encoder pops up. This is known as ‘GP Progress bar’.
After the download is complete, sample through the audio to the end to see if it plays all the way through. Sometimes, it might fail due to lack of storage space.

Downloading in progress and finished downloads merge.
Finished download. now click on “more button” as seen above
Now click post processing
Now the audio or video encodes using Mp3 converter

Step 8: Find the downloaded files

The downloaded files are found in the “Video” folders respectively in your phone storage for videos and “mp3” or “music” folder for audio.
And that’s it ladies and gentlemen. You now have every video and audio.

NB: Other issues you may encounter.

Unresolved host – just resume the download. Don’t give up even if it takes 5 retries. It will eventually work.
Cancelled or unfinished – just resume the download.
Unfinished merging – resume the download.
Lost file size – sometimes you could be downloading a 300mb file only for it to fail and claim that the download is complete but yet it’s only 20mbs! Therefore, check the file size to see if the audio is complete.
Not enough space. Make sure you have enough space for file storage and temporary space for encoding.

Uganda government provides free WiFi (MYUG) to enjoy free internet.

Lastly, YouTube takes down content that’s against their policies and that eventually affects things they call (conspiracy theories) because the message might be controversial, sensitive, exposing, attacking sin and YouTube might not like it so make sure you IMMEDIATELY download and store away everything on an external hard disk for future use. Times are coming when YouTube will shut its doors on us. Brothers and sisters, make sure you subscribe to the channels and allow notifications by hitting the bell icon right next to subscribe. You’ll be notified immediately of new uploads.

Be alert of this therefore;
Happy Downloading!