Step 1: Turn on your WiFi and connect to Stanbic Bank.

Step 2: A “Sign Into Stanbic” pop will show up on your screen. If it doesn’t, you might wanna find out the up address which ain’t easy unless if your phone allows for it.

Step 3: Don’t Enter your name and email to the default but click “Other”

Step 4: Enter Your name and email and click login

Step 5: Another screen appears. Click login. If you don’t click, it won’t work.

NB: It also says that you’re given 1 hour so don’t go beyond an hour because it’s a Bank which won’t allow suspicious people around but you can always come back. Sometimes it blocks you out after an hour so use another email address and unfortunately sometimes it band you for several months if you misuse.

Please note the WiFi is for simple things like social media and not mega downloads. Otherwise try Uganda’s free WiFi in towns (Kampala, Wakiso and Entebbe known as Myug)