The Uganda Police is NOT to blame for the Omah Lay Show.

This goes to Ugandan artists mad at Omah Lay’s “little” show that happened in Kampala.

MTV MAMA 2021, nominated Nigerian singer Omah Lay performed in Kampala yesterday (in what looks like an undercover bar). This left lots of Ugandan artists bitter for they havent been allowed to perform with crowds since March. They’ve however been permitted to perform on scientific weddings and virtual shows.

Among the complaints were Naira Ali, Weasel, Gravity Omutujju, etc. These blame government for not playing fair.

Before blaming the government, the Ug artists should however, understand that these foreign artists such as Omah Lay, Yemi Alade and other VIP artistes from Africa have been jetting into the country for ONLY one reason which is producing the upcoming MTV Mama Awards show that will be held in Kampala, February 20, 2021 virtually.

This means, they were permitted to work on the show because the Tourism Ministry begged MTV to hold the show here. Hence, Uganda invited them here and MTV is paying for their travels and stay. This also means that this is an opportunity for many Ugandan artists who are ass kissing them for collabos or a photo, if you will, so a Ugandan event organiser or that bar is to blame for luring Omah Lay into performing but not the government. Once again, blame the corrupt event organiser. It might have gotten out of hand since it quickly went viral that Omah Lay will be at this place so the party animals and his staunch fans made their way to the show one way or the other. This true considering there’s lots of defiant people for example, NUP Fans who show up at Bobi’s campaigns one way or the other despite being dispersed every time.

Edit: Full Police Report

Here is the full statement from the Uganda Police Force

Three people have been arrested in connection to the unauthorised concert that was held last night in Ddungu Resort in Munyonyo, Kampala City. 

Those arrested are Ivan Ddungu, the manager of the place where the concert was held, Omah Lay the musician and Prim Kasana, Events Manager, who contracted Omah Lay to sing.

Police is also looking for the area Officer in Charge of Police Station for failure to detect the criminal acts that took place in his area of jurisdiction.

It is alleged that the organizers of the show disguised  it as a lunch and dinner event, but later on at night they started inviting artistes to perform.

The suspects are detained at Katwe Police Station and are being charged with doing acts that are likely to cause the spread of infectious disease, which is corona virus.

On the onset of the COVID19 pandemic, the president directed that music concerts should be stopped and the directives still stands.

We condemn the act of some selfish  individuals, who are bent on violating the directives on CONVID-19 to make money and risks the lives of many Ugandans.
We appeal to members of the public to adhere to the Ministry of Health guidelines on COVID-19 and follow all the SOPs.

SP Patrick Onyango