Omah Lay and his crew were arrested and detained in prison till tomorrow December 16, 2020 for allegedly holding a music show in the god forbid Miss Covid-19 times. This has become quit topic in Uganda right now. Omah Lay insinuated that he was being sacrificed for something bigger at play.

Bebe Cool and Ashburg Kato were the first influential people to break the news the Omah Lay’s concert was gonna happen in Kampala. They called upon Uganda Police to stop it because it would violate the Miss Covid-19 SOPs and that it wouldn’t be fair to Ugandan artists who have been on lockdown since March.

Rumor has it, one them rich guys in Kampala (name withheld) called Bebe Cool to take down his post and so he did.

This whole thing kinda went unnoticed to Uganda Police since it was an inside job at the show. It is was confirmed by Police that some of their men where guarding the event. The bribed police men were also arrested. The said show would’ve passed gracefully until Omah Lay posted a huge crowded selfie of the show stamped with the kiss of death!

You’d think, let bygones be bygones, right? NO!! Ugandan artistes who weren’t sure they’d be heard by the authorities took to social media to blame both Uganda Police and the government for double standards. Of course, we’re in political times so everything is exaggerated, if you will. Some of them like Cindy Ssanyu recorded a video to express her disgust and she went on record to calling Omah Lay an ‘idiot”. This hurt lots of Nigerians.

Surprisingly to all folk, Uganda Police swang into action and arrested Omah Lay and his crew with many other Ugandans who organized the “secret” show plus the security detail at the venue although some are still at large.

Welp! Now tables have now turned; being that Ugandan artists are quite obsessed with Nigerian music and the flow of it, they’re always looking for Nigerian music approval because y’know –this scandal would hurt their careers in the West African country, so they had to come out again to defend Omah Lay and his crew to death. Did I tell ya that these have been ass kissing Nigerian artists for collabos and what not when they visited Uganda? Well Nigeria should forgive Uganda. Please forgive us! We so pray!

To be honest most of them Uganda artistes did not know that this whole thing would blow out of proportion. They didn’t know that Omah Lay end up in jail due to their demand. They thought he would get a slap on the wrist and get deported back like Chaka Chaka was. They thought this was a perfect chance for them to protest their “lockdown” imposed by the government.

They wanted it to grow so big a protest that they would be allowed to work again. the same is true thjat musicians have been locked down since March 2020. However, they were allowed to perform on scientific weddings and virtual shows that keep SOPs. They have since then been busy and booked. For some of them, this was total “pretending”on their side, because the Omah Lay show was also allegedly disguised as a dinner party with a few guests to attend which got out of hand. It was all done on the low and the event organizers must have thought they could get away with it.

Now Omah Lay in jail, this did not stop a bitter exchange on social media between Ugandans and their “pretentious” artists, Nigerians and Ugandans, Politicians jumping on the bandwagon. The rest will go down in history. It even looks like it might be diplomatic standoff between Nigeria and Uganda.

In this KampalaWiFi Original, I bring you all the mean tweets, the good, the bad and the ugly. Everything people said, the sympathizers, the sorry ones, the happy ones, the mean ones and the ugly ones.

The whistler blowers jubilate!

Now Ugandan Artists are trynna show remorse after his arrest. Please note that most of them didn’t blame Omah Lay at all so forgive them Nigeria!

Sheebah Apologises
Rest of the post Sheebah
Bebe Cool
A Pass
GNL Zamba

Now is the time for the bitter exchanges after Nigeria caught wind of it.

The Cindy Video screenshot
Nigerians catching wind of it
Ugandan thinks it an inside job
Sheilah Gashumba calls on UG artists for their hypocrisy
Burna Boy
Interrogation Dj Neptune, ebe Cool
Nigerians to boycott Ugandan Music
Apparently, somebody never heard of Uganda! Kika!
Ugandan defends UG Artists!
Big Eye Thinks this is a smear campaign directed at President Museveni
Full Figure wants to help out Omah Lay by her Power!! After all, she’s the President’s Girl
Tiwa Savage Cancels Uganda completely and also

NOW, Presidential candidate Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Bobi Wine Blames the Corrupt Government

Bobi Wine Kyagulanyi makes it about the corrupt governemnt
Ashburg Katto fired back at Bobi Wine part 1
Ashburg Kato fired back at Bobi Wine part 2
The same Bakuntumye Police car that Bobi Wine was transported in after arrest is the one Omah Lay rode.

Some honorable mentions: Eddy Kenzo (the Most known Uganda artists) also blamed the event organizers on twitter. There is also a fake tweet of Davido comparing Uganda to North Korea.

Watch this space for more.