Observer journalist Yudaya Nangozi ran to police accusing musician Ronald Mayinja of “taking” her phone. The journalist had come to his home for an interview.

In the viral news, Nangozi made a statement at Salama Road Police: SD: REF 29/7/1/2021. She alleges that after a two hour interview with Ronald Mayinja, he confiscated her phone because he regretted what he said and that he was worried about getting in trouble with the state.

Kinajukilwa, Mayinja had recently defected to NRM after he was let down by NUP who denied him a ticket to run for Member of Parliament. He crossed into NRM and even composed a song (Mzee Akalulu Kako Mzee) for President Museveni.

However, this is not true according to Ronald Mayinja. He has come out to refute her claims. According to Bukedde, Ronald says that he grabbed her phone and destroyed it because the journalist took pictures of his children which Mayinja doesn’t want for her kids to be mixed into politics.

He ordered her to delete them. However, the journalist reluctantly said she would do it when she reaches her office. He admits that he indeed destroyed the phone because he didn’t believe her so he grabbed her phone and broke it.

[We guess he had no time for getting her password and/or fingerprint to unlock it so he stomped on it, hehe.] Well, Mayinja sounds like your problematic fave and tho wano ku KampalaWiFi tuvumilira ebikola ebya violence, we applaud him for protecting his own. It’s admirable what lengths a father would go to for his children.