I had this problem. My old DELL Laptop began to type on its own. It would type \\\\\\. This can be very annoying and upsetting, you might bang the laptop or just throw it away. No body can stand this keyboard behavior. Occasionally, to fix the problem, I would run my fingers across the keyboard in fury and it would stop abit only to continue a minute later. At a point, it became so stubborn that I couldn’t type anything without being distracted. Its not malware or virus. Its a hardware problem.

I read online that this wasn’t a software issue but a hardware one. If its a software issue; then updating the drivers or a windows keyboard troubleshooting would fix it. Update your software to make sure and if continues misbehaving, read on.



What if its Hardware Related?

1. You have to buy a new external keyboard & mouse combo (wireless will be better) & then install it on your laptop then you have to follow the following steps:-

2. First, go to device manager and then click on the keyboard. Here you will see two options:-
HID keyboard device which is newly installed external keyboard and second is the Standard keyboard which is the laptop’s inbuilt keyboard.

3.Click on the standard keyboard and then click on uninstall. After uninstalling it will ask to restart the computer but DON’T restart the computer (because this will install it again). Just shut it down and then log in again. You will see that the inbuilt keyboard no longer works and nolonger listed, that way it doesn’t type keys on its own.

In case if you have to restart the computer, then all the changes will be reverted back and follow the same procedure again. It is working very fine on my laptop and I am able to type flawlessly with external keyboard.

Although this is not the permanent solution (You might be surprised that the keyboard installed itself again) but it will help you a lot. Just Repeat the process and put that motha to trash. I remember wanting to open up the computer just to disconnect the keyboard fibre cable. Laptops die after 5-7 years of use so just save for another one. I guarantee another hardware problem will pop up.