In this video, they talk about how Marine Spirits (Kawuula) hijack prayers.

The way this spirit degrades the most powerful of God’s people. Like Moses, he spent his first 40 years in stagnation, without land and nothing to his name.

They speak about unserious people who take prayer and fasting for granted. They speak about how people take Witchcraft seriously but God’s command with doubt and uncertainty.

They speak about different callings from God and pastors who aren’t yet called.

The fact that God used to speak to people after 1 day or 3 days of fasting but this time, it takes a lot. This is the doing of Marine Spirits.

The Roots of Kawuula (Marine Spirits)

Family: This means that your fore fathers went for riches or dedication to kawuula for a nice life. Here the kawuula would ask for a head every 10 years or so, lie with a kid of 4 years or so and some other sordid acts. If a family member decided to walk away or not cater to this spirit, then this spirit would attack the said member and cause havoc. It comes and rapes, changes your dreams to disgusting things. Some families sacrifice a child to the kawuula which makes the child kinda autistic.

Relationships: This is when a child is dedicated to kawuula and if that man or woman decides to marry, it would destroy this family because of these convenants. It would claim, they were married to it. This relationship can be a killing machine, destroy businesses because this vey beautiful woman is owned by spirits

Bewitched: Family feuds going back for a long time, two bitter people can send each other these spirits or spells to cause havoc. The most common kind.

Reprobate Doings of Kawuula

A daughter and her mother loving the same man

Bastard pregnancies

A top shot worshipper is married by a drunk etc.

People with Kawuula never excell.

The spirit infiltrates your dreams and you end up dreaming about returning to the village, dream disgusting things like stepping in shit, eating human flesh, giving birth to animals etc. With the holy spirit, oil is used but with Kawuula, it uses ekitambo (spells).

How do you know it’s presence?

It comes with grave sexual feelings and curses there after. People suddenly desire kinky sex and reprobate things like masturbation, homosexuality, bestiality and other sordid things. These bring infections that never heals and spells that never leave.

This spirit substitutes for blessings with curses and every deal of yours falls through.

How to Kick Out This Spirit?

Surrender your life to Christ and have a real relationship with Christ.

What would have happened to the mighty men of God who fell from grace?

They’re always in one place without change or rest. They’re always bombarded with the pricipalities of a certain area alone causing them to be conquered by the spirits. They would eventually get so poor, give up and get to drinking, lusting and falling from grace.

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