I uninstalled uTorrent (the desktop application) because it installed some third-party software that left a mess on my laptop. After reinstalling windows, I refused anything to do with uTorrent. But I missed it. I really needed to watch my shows.

 A “uTorrent web” ad came on so I gave it a try. It is absolutely THE BEST. The download speed was just fine as usual. I didn’t have any problems with the web version but I was curious to check out the settings and while doing so, I must have tweaked something.

I am the kind on a budget so I chose to leave my download speed at (Unlimited) and I decided to change the upload speed from (unlimited) to (1).

After that I didn’t download any torrent for day and when I did, I realized that the downloads were stalling because I used to download at 5mbps per second but it took me 2 days to download a 500mb file!!!

 I checked everything, YouTube was fine. I was about to complain to my ISP why the download speed was slow but after digging on the net apparently I was a leacher (someone who downloads but sets the upload speed to unreasonable speed so that others don’t waste his data).

Well, uTorrent Web was not having any of that, they stalled my speed until I changed back the upload speed to (0, Unlimited). The speeds immediately jumped back to normal. Now you know. All you have to do is to set your upload limit speed to (0, unlimited). Everything will turn back to normal. If you world about data; after downloading, you can turn off seeding. Happy downloading!