This lessons is compilled from the Teachings of Pastor Tom Sembera Life Resurrection Centre Church, Nsambya. He has been given this message and annointing to kick out the Kawuula Spirit as heard on radio Joy FM 104.5, LIFE TV and the Church.

In the clip below, the pastor and his interpretor begin by retelling a testimony of a couple who’s husband washes dishes every night claiming he can’t sleep but indeed he’s avoiding touching his wife. This demon, Kawuula otherwise known as Marine spirits has married him and continues to confiscate their marriage.

They quickly jumped to another testimony where a husband always ejaculates on the floor claiming, he’s still poor so they cant afford having children yet but time is running out for the wife.

Another about this couple who are married, but they never have sex. These are some of the unspeakable things this demon has done to people.

What is Kawuula?

Kawuula is a Marine Spirit – that snake from the beginning that fell from heaven after Michael and his angels defeated it. The Swahili call it (Nyoka ya Zamani). Immediately after the fall, It would come after the woman (Israel) and destroy her. A mermaid Spirit which is part human and part fish. This is the fish that the Most High gave us dominion over it.

The spirit is known by many names but it’s a female disguising as many things and many forms. In Buganda Kingdom, it’s called Kawuula, Marine Spirits, Queen of the Coast, Queen of Water, Mukasa, Kiwanuka etc.

This spirit came into Uganda when our fathers looked for riches. It’s headquarters are in the midst of Buganda Kingdom and the people worship it.

The Buganda Kingdom is headed by the King, followed by the Katikiro and finally Kawuula.
This spirit gets its name from kawuula, 3rd head in the Kingdom who is the one responsible for the sorcery activities in the Kingdom. He keeps the four drums of Buganda known as “Mujaguzo” – Celebration. This is at ‘Ewa Duniya Ku Muzikiti – a huge palace in Ndeeba, Kabowa that was intact until Namasoles (Queen’s companions) sold some of it.

Soon after it was brought through witchcraft, powerful people would go and summon this spirit to come into people’s lives (their enemies) and that’s how it came to infiltrate and spread all over the country. If one was at loggerheads with another, they would threaten or pay for the this spell (ekitambo) to come devour their enemy. It has since been bought into families and used to cast spells into relationships and people at large.

In Buganda, there are many references to this spirit for example; Obweza bwa Mukasa – a genie that lives by the lake. In Buganda, when twins are born, they’re dedicated or handed over to this spirit.This spirit lives on the coast or in the Marine kingdom (Underwater) and possesses many names like Kiwanuka which comes from the ancient riddle ‘Empugu telya bire – An eagle don’t eat clouds, meaning that the eagle will always come down for meat. This eagle is meant to bring down the blessings from above for them that worship hence the name Kiwanuka. As you can see, these are disguising spirits with many names.

Kawuula is part fish and part man – very conniving and mysterious and takes the title of the woman; John the revelator sees – mystery Babylon the great, mother of all whores. This spirit is a shy spiry but does sordid things to people that they simply can’t tell no other. This spirit can only be conquered through the truth and exposing it out loud. Hence the exposing that is – the Kawuula Omugwagwa Series.

How does one know that they are possessed by this Spirit?

It attacks and sucks your wisdom, unbeknownst to you, you’d never know what’s going on in the spiritual. It infiltrates your spiritual realm and brings on these very bad dreams like: eating with the dead, sleeping in the cemetery, sex dreams in your sleep, sordid acts like sleeping with one’s father, mother, grandparents, uncles and aunts, children, babies – babies develop big “members” to put you in a sexual mood and they sex women and MEN. This spirit is the owner of masturbation and all kinky sex. This spirit is the owner of all sordid sexual feelings – “bi feeling ebiva emagombe” – sexual feelings from hell.

Kawuula attacks women and men and forcefully sexes them in dreams which they agree to for feeding their lust and in many cases also comes in the physical. Dreams about dark and mysterious figures, sex in dreams; with beautiful women, with genies, with dogs, with snakes, goats, wild animals, cats – especially cats! With cows, with neighbors in sleep, with people you met on the way – in the day, sexual feelings for your sons and daughters, with your mama, wild animals, incest, homosexuality – gays plus everything thing perverted and sexually immoral and so many people – 80% of the world are affected.

Other Symptoms of Kawuula

One begins to dream about; going back to the village, going back to that primary school or that kindergarten, failing exams and tests, always chased by animals in dreams like cows, falling in the toilets, seeing animals having sex and you’re enticed by the act, like this woman who cums after seeing chicken, goats in the act.

It’s the owner of infections like candida and all those STDs becase it sleeps with let’s say, 20 women in one night and transfers diseases in the spiritual to different women and men and they end up with chronic infections.

In sordid news, a woman testified recently that this spirit came in the night and forced anal sex onto her, she woke up bruised and in so much pain! Others testified of disoriented and reprobate dreams like they cum on you and you wake up while you’ve already orgasmed, wetted your bed. Yes, this spirit is the master of sex and if this happens to you, you better run because this will cost you the Kingdom of Heaven.

Additionally, it confiscates your blessings, your finances, your love for giving, faded and broken dreams, your love of God and prayer, takes you back to sin, to the village, behind in filth. You’re almost there but never there, you never make it. The owner of broken deals – nanyini kifiriza and failed marriages.

This spirit has caused people to masturbate even when they feel guilty or sad after. Abantu nebasilaana – bad luck comes their way because hands that masturbate would never prosper. In so much lack, they fail to get even food, even their underwear is torn, nothing prosperous, old equipment in the house, old fridges, old clothes even the cookware develops holes but they masturbate and repent only to do it again.

How does one escape this Spirit?

Because the enemity between the woman and the snake is continuous, this spirit doesn’t just go away, you have to have a relationship with Christ and keep it 💯% locked with no room for errors. You must also know and keep this truth, and keep fighting the various torrents of dreams and disguises from Kawuula.

Study with this church for more ways to conquer this spirit like giving to undo the price they paid for the reproach into your life.

To learn more, listen to the teaching here on our chann and make sure to go to Life Resurrection Centre Church, Nsambya or Joy FM 104.5 and Life TV